Presents a Variety of Organic Nutrients in the Form of Granules

with organic of
raw materials, made from compost, livestock manure and nutrient enrichment materials others, now can be made
in the form of granules. The development of demand for solid compost and
the ease of application of
are also many compost formed

Form of granules, like mung beans until the size shape 2 mm to 4 mm, also allows for the addition of other organic nutrients. Source
Potassium (K2O) of palm bunch ash,
P2O5 from natural
guano phosphates, organic carbon in order to increase
the ratio of C /
N from lignite
and plant growth regulator and amino
acids and solvents
are often added microbial
producers of organic fertilizer granules. However,
each manufacturer have
different ingredients to each other, because
the composition and quality levels are very tailored to market
segments or target
markets. Organic fertilizer granules has a certain violence to the full content of NPK and macro secondary nutrient (MgO, Ca and Sulfur) and amino acids, depending on materials used.

support of
improving the quality of
fertilizer, one of which,
taken with the
provision of
machine tools
that meet the standards. For presentation purposes
of organic fertilizer compost, investments are made only by forming Compost Production Installation (IPKK). While for
purposes of organic fertilizer granule form,
in addition to compost maker IPKK to guarantee the provision of primary raw materials in
the form of
compost above, the
more expensive the
required in the
form of organic fertilizer granules
engine installation. Quality organic fertilizer, among others, characterized by its
from waste materials carried away (metal, glass, etc.)
as well as microbial pathogens, which in
practice often occurs
in the supply of
fertilizer detrimental to
the user farmers. Ensure the main raw material,
only good compost
used as raw material, is to provide a machine tool rotary kiln,
to form compost production
installations (IPKK). Relying on suppliers
of compost, which often do not have the
assurance of quality, just sift the soil
of the landfill, would be very risky in the organic fertilizer
granules. In fact, the quality of fertilizer would be good also for the promotion
widespread use by farmers, so that
you can use it to attract other farmers.

A set of tools BioPhosko Granulator machinewith
of organic
1 ton / hour consists

One (1) crusher or hammer mill capacity of
2 tons / hour,

B. A sieve (sifter machine or rotary screen) Kaps 2 tons / hour,

C. One (1) Furnace burner (fuel source coal) capacity of 2
/ hour

D. One dryer (rotary dryer) diameter
mm, capacity
@ 1 ton / hour / unit,

E. Two (2) granule-forming units of
a satellite dish
(3 m diameter
granulator) capacity 1 (one) ton / hour.
main instrument package above, you can add 4 sets carrier (conveyor belt). Conveyor belt consists of 2 units for feeding granular material mixing organic fertilizer (compost bulk, palm bunch ash, phosphate, microbial and zeolite and lignite) to the dryer (dryer) equipped with a vibrator screen, 1 unit set into the granule conveyor dryer (dryer) and 1 set as a carrier belt (feeding) to a sieve (sifter or screen).

Drying aims to prepare the material to be
crushed and pulverized by using a dryer (rotary dryer).
Target moisture content of
compost approximately 20 percent. Compost, which is dried and then milled with a milling machine (hammer mill) to achieve the required level of smoothness compost at least 80 mesh.

granulation process using a pan granulator. This tool is a rotating disc-shaped. Dish pan size can vary, but in this package pan granulator has a diameter size (diameter) 3 m.

The next step is drying granules to reach the level of 4 percent to 12 percent (Ministry of Agriculture standard) or up to 20 percent (for its own use.) After drying and then the feeder conveyor belt will carry into the sifting to separate the organic granular fertilizer to pass mesh 60 to 100.  And
last step, after sorting and drying is the packaging of organic fertilizer granules. Size of packaging has a volume capacity of 50 kg, packaging can also use PE bags with the size of 25-30 kg.

Advances in technology of machinery in
the country
in support of agriculture, one
of which
is organic fertilizer granules engine package, expected
further accelerate the ability of stakeholders agriculture in achieving sustainable

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