Jakarta Zaman Batavia

Jakarta has many city parks that serve as water catchment areas. Monument Park or Taman Merdeka Square is the largest park located in the heart of Jakarta. In the middle of the park stands the National Monument which was built in
1963. The park is open was made by the Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels (1870) and completed in 1910 under the name Koningsplein. In this park there are some tail deer and 33 trees symbolizing the 33 provinces in Indonesia.

Suropati Park is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Parks was a circle with an area of 16.322 m2 was, surrounded by several old Dutch buildings. In the park there are several modern sculptures by ASEAN artists, which gives another designation for the park, the “Garden of ASEAN friendship artist.”

Banteng Square Park is another park located in Gambir, Central Jakarta. The extent of about 4.5 ha. Here lies the West Irian Liberation Monument. In the 1970s, this park is used as a bus terminal. Then in 1993, this park again converted into public space, recreational areas, and also sometimes as a performing arts or other performances.