Why Fertilizer should be Tablet Form ?

Of the 1990s, soil chemists, agricultural machinery and started research for efforts to overcome the excesses sole use of fertilizers ( Urea, SP and KCL), common practice of farmers. Form of single fertilizers sown in the garden, mostly carried by the flow of water ( especially when it rains), yawning ( chemical fertilizer that easily evaporate when exposed to hot sun) and the granules are sprinkled often are beyond the mouth of the plant roots. A research institute reported that 70 percent of the fertilizer form of sow (prilled) are not consumed by plants and, chemical waste polluting into the environment. In the procurement was often troubled, by the frequency of different types of fertilizer are needed not simultaneously available on the market, whereas plants require a specific schedule, in receiving urea (when the growth / vegetative), SP (when primordia and development of the stem) and KCL-time of flowering or the formation of fruit. Based on the concerns that we started making compound fertilizer (nutrient content of 13 elements include NPK, MgSCa and micro elements) and are presented in the form of tablets ( 3 and 10 grams / tablet). Fertilization is intended to replace the lost nutrients carried by harvest, evaporation ( volatilization), leaching by ground water, the binding of another chemical in the soil ( fixation) , and so forth.

Complete compound fertilizer have ingredient such as macro nutrient Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and enrichment by secondary nutrient Magnecium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Sulphur (S) and also micro nutrient essential as copper (Co), Chlor (Cl), Manganese (Mn), zinc (Ze), boron (Bo), Molybdenum (Bo), iron. Produce by PT. Sinar kencana have been launced since 1994. Farmer do not need any other fertilizer usually using such as Urea (N), Phosphorus (SP) or Potassium (K), Gramalet fertilizer have contained all nutrient that plant needed. So, Gramalet made fertilizing easy.

Eco Product: Why Fertilizer should be Tablet Form ?