Knowing the content of NPK fertilizer with Digital tester

Basically fertilizer measurement/ test method is kolorimetri, based on to the handbook of indonesia national standard, that include fertilizer type such as: NPK, KCL, Urea, Amonium Phospat, etc. Macro elements that can be tested by this measurement test with NPK Digital Tester, is:

1. Nitrogen ( n) With fertilizer sample destruction using strong acid will produce ammonium salt compound, and then color development proceed with nesslerisasi direct in alkali atmosphere and it will gain complex yellow colored with the color sharpness the same as nitrogen as in example.

2. Phospor Posphates content in exhibit determine based on its reaction with ammonium molbovanadat forming complex yellow colored, with the color enhancement equal to its phospat content.

3. Kalium ( k) content Kalium content in fertilizer reacted with stable cobalnitrit compound with color enhancement equal to kalium within exhibit.

Tools characteristics:

1. ON/ OFF switch ( type of test method)

2. Zero adjust lever

3. Exhibit tray

4. Switch

5. Digitally test result display Fertilizer measurement tools specifications:

Analysis principle: kolorimetri Test

period of time: N: 0-40% P: 0-40% K: 0-25%

Exhibit quantity: 0, 1 0, 2 gr Battery

power resource: 2 X 9 volt

Dimensions: ( 5 x 14 x 17) cm

Packaging Dimensions: 10 x 30 x 40 cm

With this NPK measurement tools calibartion by Baristan RI Surabaya, provide farmers, gardener, fertilizer producer, and government instance that has authority with supervising the spread of the fertilizers benefit/ advantage.

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