Microbe Corsortium On Decomposition Process

Known, fermentation is a process of decomposition of organic material or overhaul done in certain circumstances by fermentative microorganisms. Environmental conditions that support the fermentation process include (1) the degree of acidity or low pH, between 3-4, (2) levels of salt and high sugar content, (3) the water content or humidity is between 30-50%, (4 ) carbon and nitrogen ratio (CN ratio), and (5) of fermentation microorganisms. Results of fermentation of organic material (waste, household waste, etc.) make the soil to create good conditions for fungal growth predatory nematodes (worms) parasites, so it can reduce populations of plant parasitic worms in the soil.

Pupuk Kompos (Jaringan Posko Hijau): Microbe Corsortium On Decomposition Process